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“The students in Broadway Bound learn how to dance and explore their creativity, while having fun in a non-competitive environment.” Lisa Berg – After School Coordinator Trevor Day School

Broadway Bound allows young people to explore themselves and the world around them more fully, and in a way that enhances their educational experience both during and after school.“ Meredith Sherman – Program Director, Groove With Me, Inc.

“In Broadway Bound I learn how to do my best!“ Katie, age 8 – Student

“The students in Erin’s workshops gain self-esteem as they learn how to express themselves creatively and work as a team.“ Andra Dunn – After School Director, Theater 315

Welcome to Broadway Bound Kids!!

We are an after-school Performing Arts company and so much more. Our goal is to use the Performing Arts to inspire kids and build their self-esteem. We offer classes for all ages and believe that the Performing Arts can benefit everyone! Our talented and caring teachers come right to your school to lead creative and exciting workshops in a stress-free environment. Through our classes, kids learn about teamwork, respect, self-expression and critical thinking. These important skills will help them in school and in life.

See you on stage!!!


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